Friday, October 9, 2009

One And Only

Can you blame her?



FishHawk said...

Oh no you did-int!!!

Buzzing J said...

Did I step over the line with this one? If I did, please let me know and accept my sincere apology. I have no intention to be offensive to anyone.

FishHawk said...

Yes, I am quite sure that many would find this highly offensive, but I was merely trying to play along. My bad, too--I suppose?

Ann said...

Oh my that is too funny. I wonder if they gave much thought to the wording before putting this Must not have.

Jen said...

This isn't offensive. Lisa loves her husband after all these years, that is a wonderful sentiment and can you blame her for loving her husband? I think not. Does he resemble Ron Jeremy?

mincognita said...

What an unfortunate choice of names huh? Bwahaha.

Buzzing J said...

Thanks guys. I thought I wouldn't, but I did lose a bit of sleep over this. Just a tiny bit.

Again, let me emphasize - I have no intention of offending anyone. And I mean anyone, Tom, err ..., or Harry.

Because you didn't have any emoticon in the first comment, so I didn't really know how you look when you read this post.

But even if it is a criticism, I'll still accept it with gratitude.


Don't think they really have a choice, do they?

Exactly. A sweet man, a good father, an understanding husband. Can you really blame her.

Ron Jeremy?

Haha ... (after I googled Ron Jeremy)

I wonder if anyone still names their child with this name nowadays?

FishHawk said...

Good grief, Buzzing J! You are as bad as my wife! For she keeps claiming that she can't tell if I am joking or not half of the time if she can't see a smile on my face. (Be assured that I had a really big grin going on while I was typing this.) Anyway, I am sorry about giving you any cause of concern.

Buzzing J said...

Aaah ... I see ... a good poker player that you are. :)

Don't worries. No problem caused. In fact, the fact that you took time to comment is already a big plus for me.

Thanks again.