Saturday, October 17, 2009

Ever Ready

Silence is buzzing around her. And she is certain silence is the only noise around, for her ears are well-trained. A cockroach could have breathed sixteen and a half feet away from her, and her ears would tip towards the cockroach's location. A mouse could have sniff its nose ever so slightly under the cupboard behind the wall over the next house, and her pupils would dilate in a split second.

A soft creak pierces through the wall of silence, as she gently pushes open the door. Her steps are light. She could have approached a leopard on a hunt and the leopard would not have noticed her when she's two feet away - within two feet, she's dinner for the leopard. As sharp as her sense of hearing already is, she tunes it up a notch higher, wary of any surprises.

As she walks to the centre of the room, she pauses. Soft as the breathings are, she sense their existence. Her heart speeds up. But before the heart beats another thud, she calms it down, and pumps her defense up, ready for the attackers lurking behind her.

Everything stay still ...

Then they make their moves.


This is nothing uncommon in the house of Teenage Blatant Ninja Trooper - the best Ninja training house in town.



Ann said...

LOL I was picturing something with a cat before I saw the photo.

Roschelle said...'re gonna kill me with all your suspense...funny pic!