Saturday, October 24, 2009

Channel 1

"Stay green. Stay green. Stay ..."

And just as I am about to cross the the line at the junction, the traffic light turns yellow.

Before I could give thanks for making the light and hopefully in time to reach home, a siren sounds and a blue light flashes behind my car.


I pull over my car.

"License please," the police officer's face is stern.

"But the light was yellow, Officer," I try to sound nonchalant as I reaches for my wallet.

"What's your hurry anyway, Son?"

"Well ... err ..."


"I'm trying to get home to catch Hero on TV, Officer," I sound sheepish.

The officer pauses for a while. He pulls down his sunglasses, looks at me with a straight face and slowly reaches into his pocket.

My hands are trembling slightly when he shoves this badge in my face, "If only you have this, Son," -


The officer's face breaks into a smile. Suddenly music rings from the sky. A disco beats leads to a catchy dancing tune.


I jump slightly out of shock - out of no where a group of colorfully-clad dancers appeared behind the officer and shouted.

They then break into a song and dance routine. My jaw drops.

"Over 6,000 movies - and shows to - WATCH!!"

"Anytime - YOU WANT!!"

As the officer sings expressively ahead of the dancers, my body starts to swing to the beats.

"Heroes?" - "HEROES!!"

"30 Rock?" - "30 ROCKS!!"

"The Office?" - "THE OFFICE!!"

The officer and the group of dancers singing in tandem.


This time, I'm prepared.

"No waiting" - "NO WAITING!!"

"No schedules" - "NO SCHEDULES!!"

"No car" - "NO CAR!!"

"No mail" - "NO MAIL!!"

"At your fingertips" - "AT YOUR FINGERTIPS!!"

"No fighting with the kids over the TV" - "NO FIGHTING WITH THE KIDS OVER THE TV!!"

In my professional opinion, I feel the last verse is stretching it a little bit too far. And at this stage, I think the routine is getting a little bit old. But for the sake of my wallet, I keep my smile and start to clap to the beat.

"AND HD!!!!"

The music stops.

Kneeling on one knee, the presenters stretch out their hands and look at me with the biggest grin on their faces.

I try not to burst into laughter.

It's hard.

Darn hard.

As they're finishing their routine, I am a bit relief, thinking I might just get away with this one.

But then, the officer stands up, put on his sunglasses, approaches my car, reaches for his pen and writing pad and starts writing.

"Shit!" out loud, I'm thinking.

As I take back my license, the officer hands me a piece of paper, "Check these out, son!"

I look at the paper. It reads:

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Ann said...

dang, when I got pulled over all I got was a ticket and told to slow

FishHawk said...

Must I say it again? Yeah, I think I do. Oh no you did-int!

Buzzing J said...

Huh, guess I live in a friendlier neighbourhood. :-)

Gee ... think I'm going to lose sleep again tonight - you're not grinning. :-)

FishHawk said...

Yeah, I forgot to spell it out for you. I'm sorry. I will try to do better next time. (Yes, I am grinning now.)