Thursday, January 29, 2009

How To Cross Out Words

A crossed out word or words can add a twist of humour in your writing.

To display word/words with a line crossed in the middle:
  1. In front of the word/words that you want to displayed crossed out, insert <strike>, or simply <s>
  2. At the end of the word/words, insert </strike> or </s>

And you have a crossed-out word/words display in your piece of shit masterpiece.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

How To Customise The Widths Of The Blogger Template

While trying to test the various positions and sizes of Adsense unit around the blog, I needed to customise the width of my main column to accommodate the Banner format (468 x 60) of Adsense unit.

I was using standart Minima, which is a 2-column template with the default width of 410 for the main column, which is not long enough to display the whole ad unit.

To customise the widths of the Blogger template:

1. Log in to Blogger.

2. At the Dashboard, click Layout.

3. Within the Layout tab, click "Edit HTML" to open the editor window.

4. Do all the necessary backup.

5. Change the required width values of the following sections: #header-wrapper, #outer-wrapper, #main-wrapper, #sidebar-wrapper, #footer. Click Ctrl+F to find the keywords within the code.

I changed the width of the main column with adjustment as follows:

At #header-wrapper - width: 688px
At #outer-wrapper - width: 688px
At #main-wrapper - width: 468px (note: the width of the Adsense unit in Banner format)
At #sidebar-wrapper - width: 202px
At #footer - width: 688px

Note that the widths of the #header-wrapper, the #outer-wrapper, the #footer (688) are bigger in value than the total of the widths of #main-wrapper and #sidebar-wrapper (668). The difference (20) represents the spaces between columns. This will keep the overall design of the blog in proportion.

Adjust the widths according to your requirement, with the above-mentioned guideline in mind.

6. To see the effect of the changes, click "Preview".

7. If the result is satisfactory, click "Save" to save the changes.


Monday, January 19, 2009

How To Create A Screenshot

A screenshot (or screen capture, screen dump) is the captured image of what's displayed on the monitor.

There are two types of images on your screen that can be captured. Look for the "Print Screen / Sys Rq" key.

1. Press "Print Screen/Sys Rq" key and you'll capture all items on the screen into window's clipboard.

2. Press "Alt-Print Screen/SysRq" keys and you'll capture the image of the topmost window on your screen, ie if you have more than one application opened, the image of the active program will be captured, in this case, the image of the Ms-Paint above the Firefox browser.

Open Ms-Paint (or any other image editing programs), perform a paste operation, and the image will be "dumped" onto the program.

Edit as you wish. Save the image in desired format, and you have a screenshot.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Best Job In The World

What is the best job in the world?

A job that pays you well? A job that let you work flexibly in terms of working hour? A job that let you have an office under the sun and on the beach? And throw in the Great Barrier Reef? And luxury spa treatment? Snorkeling? Bush-walking?

If all of these attributes are what you look for in the best job in the world, look no more. The Caretaker of the Islands - the Hamilton Island in the Great Barrier Reef - is for you. And if you want it bad, join the queue - of millions from all over the world!!

That's the latest innovative way the tourism department of Australia's Queensland state is promoting their tourism industry - by offering a job that comes with AUD150,000 for six months. And they'll get you to the island for free from wherever you are around the globe. Accommodation is provided at an oceanfront villa on the island, with room for friends or family to tag along. And all you have to do? Blogging (isn't that our cup of tea?) to promote the island that's under your care.

Just think of the peanuts we earned from Adsense by blogging like crazy. If you don't think this is the Best Job In The World, there must be something that don't click up there.

By the way, you have to submit a 60-second video application to compete with half of the world population. And be prepared to top offers like doing all laundries lying Down Under, picking up after the kangaroos, and tattooing your love for the Great Barrier Reef on your body parts.

So, before the web site's server crashes under the loads of application again, start cracking your brain for The Best Job In The World!

Your Office


Sunday, January 4, 2009

Resolutions 2009

Thought I would kick start 2009 with a post that has a bit more resolve. A post that’ll make me hold my head high, chin up, shoulder back, chest out, tummy in, hands on the hips, and eyes gazing ahead, cape fluttering against the wind of future challenges, and all pumped up for the road ahead.

So, following is my list of resolutions for 2009 (I’m also sharing ideas on how not to break our resolutions at the end of the list):