Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Whole New World

"John, we're going on a camping trip this weekend."


"Because the weather is great, and summer's going to end soon ... Look away from the computer and look at me when I'm talking to you, John."

"Ok, ok ... So, where are we going again when?"

"A CAMPING TRIP! THIS WEEKEND! JOHN! - You spend way too much time in front of the computer, John. What with MSN, IRC, ICQ, IM, PM, MP3, MMORPG, WOW, that what-hoo, what-book, and what-twit, etc, etc. WAY too much time on the computer, John. You never leave the room. NEVER!"

"Alright, alright ... don't shout. We'll go fishing this weekend, Okay?"


"Alright, alright ... I'll pack for the trip."

Thanks to the camping trip, John has found a whole new world in internet, or maybe, he has found internet in a whole new world.



Vicki said...

oh, that is too funny, I am sorry, I know it isn't what you wanted-but that is too too funny!

Buzzing J said...

Oh, Funny is exactly what I want. If this brought a smile to you, it did exactly what I hope it would do. Thank you.

PJ said...

lol, that would be hilarious to me cept i think that is exactly what my husband would do...LOL!

janethvicy said...

Wow that was cool camping..Nways,Weekend Blog Hopping here..Hope to see you in my page..Have a wonderful day..

Buzzing J said...

With the range of helpful information Mike's been putting out in his blog, I'm not surprised. :)

Thanks for the visit. I'll see you.

Buggys said...

Hilarious! I Love this. I mention to my husband frequently that I need som wi-fi in the car!

Michael said...



I'd have my laptop.


Buzzing J said...

Yeah, don't we all love wifi - everywhere!

PJ and Mike:
So glad you guys found another channel to communicate. While you're here, care for a cup of coffee or tea? :)