Thursday, August 13, 2009

Last Stop

The Station to Hell - after claiming 9 lives, there's really no other name for the station.

9 lives it had claimed. 9 bodies crushed. All suicidal.

When the first fatality happened, nobody thought of it as more than a freak accident - the victim "fell" onto the track and was crushed by an oncoming train. But after the fourth suicide, rumour started to circulate.

The station was built underground through a cemetery. A cemetery for those massacred during an ancient war. The construction was initiated without any ritual performed to appease the dead, despite warning from the old folks in town. The launching of the construction was postponed several times due to heavy rain that poured down non-stop for days. The folks said it's a sign. But the authority chose to ignore. So went the rumour.

After the fifth suicide, again the old folks of the town asked for a ritual to be performed. Again, it was brushed aside by the authority as nonsensical, choosing to believe there's a logical reason behind the spate of suicides. The death continued to rise.

Some said wailing of women and children could be heard when the train approached the station, others said it was the physical effect of a train going through a tunnel. Some said they could feel being wrapped by the dead during the nights; other said it's moisture. As nights approached, some claimed to have seen shadows floating around amid the dim and occasionally blinking lighting, of which some traced it to faulty wiring; others said it's caused by the negative vibes from the dead looking for company. Whatever the reason behind these happenings, the station was starting to be deserted.

After a crushed body was carried out from the station in a body bag for the ninth time, the news had captured the imagination of the nation. Everyone's talking about the mysteriously suicidal trend, and speculating the reason why so many chose to end their lives by jumping onto the track at ...

The Station To Hell


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