Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Simple Delight

Morning sunshine. Lingering coolness. Fresh air. A deep breath. A new day. Simple delight.

Driving to work. Radio DJs telling jokes about the current political situation. Cracks me up. Simple delight.

Hot afternoon. Clear sky. At the park. Kids playing at the playground. People jogging. Ladies line dancing. Boys playing football. Ice cream in my hand. Simple delight.

After dinner. Dropped my daughter at tuition. Cool night. Window rolled down. Radio blaring my favourite 80s' songs. Singing along. Simple delight.

Night is still. Mouse clicking. Fingers dancing on the keyboard. My creativity working its way out of my mind. Fluently. Simple delight.

Morning. Log into my blog. Scroll to the end of my latest post - A Comment! Simple delight.


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