Thursday, May 21, 2009

New Idol - Kris Allen! Surprised?

Don't be.

Did Kris deserve to win? Yes.

It's an IDOL contest, not a talent contest. It's a number game. To become an Idol, you need popularity more than anything else, including musical talents. And popularity means number of supporters or votes. From the onset, it's clear what kind of person would and should win the contest - the person who can garner the most votes.

That said, I'm in no position to pass judgment as to who's the more talented among the two finalists, Kris Allen or Adam Lambert, the four judges probably were.

Although I think I got lost as they kept switching their emphasis on the contestants' qualities of making it as a singer, a vocalist, an artiste, and a star. And while the judges kept heaping praises on Adam's musical talent, deservedly so, they were actually doing his chances of winning the contest more harms than goods. The more they leaned towards the side of Adam, the more the voting mass leaned towards Kris, the UNDERDOG.

There's nothing more uplifting and satisfying than seeing an underdog turn the tide and seize the day. At the end of the day, that's why Kris won.

Although, whether the judges' action were deliberate or not is another issue up for speculation. Surely, after so many seasons, they must have realised the effect they have on the voting mass. Remember the mohawk-haired guy - Sanjaya? And did they deliberately chose a difficult song like "What's going on" for Kris, and a song that suited Adam so well, and write a song that made Kris struggle with the high key? Hmmm ...

Still, it was an interesting contest in many ways. In the end I think everybody wins. Kris, Adam, the producers, the sponsors and the supporters.

Congratulations to Kris, for winning the American Idol. All the best to his future musical career.

Congratulations to Adam. Although he didn't win, I think he should have a more "iconic" musical career in front of him. And I think he knows that!

Congratulations to the producers of the show, for putting out another climax when it seems there couldn't be anymore breakthrough after so many seasons.

Congratulations to the sponsors. Well, obviously with the high rating, they are the biggest winner! Couldn't wait to log into iTune and subscribe to AT&T now.

Congratulations to the supporters, for having an intriguing viewing for the past months, yet again. And good luck in finding an alternative pastime now that the series had ended.



Life Ramblings said...

I am happy for Kris. Adam is a fantastic performer as well though. many fans of the show had predicted that Lambert will take the crown.

Slapinions said...

Hi, jumped in from BlogExplosion. I agree with you. While Adam had the better voice (but not as good as advertised, imho) he was VERY over-hyped by American Idol. That alone turned off many Americans, because as you said we favor the underdog.

I think it was also important that Danny Gokey (of my own Milwaukee) went home the week before. Once the average-church going family man went home, where were his fans going to migrate? To Danny Lite (Kris) or to the goth guy with the nailpolish?