Thursday, May 28, 2009

Future Warrior

It was a dark night. The wind was strong, the clouds were shifting fast, the streets were empty.

The street lights were dim, nothing could be seen clearly, if not for the occasional lightnings. In a blinding flash, one of these lightnings with the abnormal color of blue struck the ground. A slight explosion followed suit.

Smoke rose from the ground. As it dispersed into the dark night, a man was kneeling on the spot where the lightning hit. He was stark naked. His face showed no expression. His piercing gaze, sharp as the lightning, swept around his surrounding.

At the back of his mind, he knew he needed some covers to accomplish his mission. Connors, was the name of his target.

Daybreak. The sun was shining bright.

Though the clothes he snatched last night barely covered his bulging muscled body, he knew he had to start his mission from somewhere.

He ventured into a garden. People were loud, music blaring from the radio. He was offered a drink. Stoned face, he accepted without much of a word or a sign of appreciation.

And he wondered around the crowd, searching for ... the Connors ...


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