Saturday, May 16, 2009

I Love Sports

Yeah. I love sports.

There's nothing like driving the golf ball straight into the middle of the fairway, the luscious green of which is illustrated brightly under the gorgeous sun; chipping the ball out of the bunker, blasting the sand onto the sweaty face; curving the ball into the hole from 20 feet away, after walking slightly under half a kilometer under the scorching sun.

It feels even better to hit that tennis ball straight down the line towards the baseline of the other player; or run down the ball towards the back of the court and return it between the legs; or perform a perfect overhead smash that bounce the ball beyond the reach of the other player; all the while panting like a dog after running all over the hill in a hot tropical afternoon.

The best is to be able to run down the football field dribbling past 5 or 6 players from the opposite team, come one on one with the goal keeper, and score a beauty with a delightful chip; or slide towards the ball and snatch it away from the feet of the player coming towards you; or run non-stop up and down the field for about an hour, after which the lungs would seem hanging somewhere around the stomach.

Yeah, I love them all. Especially with the air-conditioner on, a pack of snack in my hand and sitting in front of my TV.

Sports - I can't live without them.


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