Saturday, April 18, 2009

You Got Talents?

Heard of Susan Boyle? Well, she's been buzzing around the net at the moment. In case you missed it here's the link to YouTube:

* If you want to fully enjoy the clip, do spend a few minutes watching it before reading the following.

I was close to tears, no, tears were welling up to the brim, at the end of the clip, moved, like at the rousing and inspiring end of a movie.

I think a lot of elements had brought such high emotions from this audition. Firstly, her first impression had lowered everyone's expectation of her - her face, her hair, her clothing, her mannerism, the fact that she comes from a "collection of villages" and, her age. After she lowered everyone's expectation, she announced her seemingly unattainable dream to the world - to be as good as Elaine Page. That drew cynical expressions all around the hall. All these transcended nicely into the atmosphere of an underdog going into the fight of her life; a simple country woman wanting to make it big in the world stage. To add another strung of incredulous tension to the bow, she chose a "big" song from a famous musical, I Dreamed a Dream from Les Miserabs. And the melodic introductory strings started to fill the air in the hall.

Like an inspiring movie, the underdog turned around every cynicism, every contemptuous smile, every negative snort of her with her first note sung.

From then on, as she kept singing with her powerful, inspiring voice, the emotions of the crowd peaked, and stayed peaked. The waves of emotions grew stronger and stronger until at the end, a standing ovation. Against all odds, the underdog had done it.

Against the continuing epic music in the background, when the judges gave their high praises, and she reacted with pure, undisguised overjoy, my tears never subsided, inspired by this simple woman, as endearing as my own aunt.

Here's the media reaction to this woman's audition.
(Read about her background too, that'll raise your appreciation of this woman up another level.)


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