Friday, April 10, 2009

What Not To Do

It's a football match. Your team has just conceded a penalty. The penalty taker is staring at you looking for clue. He runs towards the ball. Unfortunately, you're the one standing on the goal line as the keeper. What to do?

You could think about last night dinner, or make plan for the hot date that's coming up tomorrow, or imagine how to celebrate when the penalty is saved, how heroic you would look after the heroic act, how your team mates will congratulate afterwards, how your girlfriend will reward you after this super save, etc, etc, etc.

But whatever you do, don't fart during the penalty kick. It'll earn you a yellow card.



Anonymous said...

haha read about that. What a joke of a decision to give the guy a yellow card, the referee should be pulled up for that one.

MMJ said...

Yeah. But still, consider where the referee usually stands during a penalty shootout, and the noise from the crowd, it must be some big mean fart :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah never though of that, must have been an impressive one.

If I was the ref I would have found it too funny to bother booking him.