Sunday, April 26, 2009

Resourceful Arsenal

I wasn't an Arsenal fan (in fact, I'm no die-hard fan of any particular football team). I didn't really fancy them during their "Invincible" era. I think I actually clapped when Rooney, who was then wearing the blue Everton shirt scored against them back then.

But, ever since they moved into Emirates Stadium, and start emphasizing on their youth system when they lack the financial resources to acquire expensive players (I think), I began to admire the football they're able to display with their limited resources.

Nowadays, due to work and family commitment, I don't get to watch many football matches. But if I do, it'll be matches that involve Arsenal. I can't help being captivated by the mesmerizing flow of their games.

So, there's no prize for guessing which team I'll support for next week Champions League semi-final match between Arsenal and Manchester United. And I hope for the sake of the hard work and creativity that they put into their football, they'll go on and win the Champions League too. And won't it be ironic, if they would beat, of all teams, Barcelona and Theirry Henry (although I'm also a fan of Theiry Henry) in a Champions League final and emerge as the winner.


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