Saturday, April 18, 2009

Back Then ... And Now

I usually read newspaper that is already 2 to 3 months old.

Reading newspaper used to be a daily routine, before this evil combination of "Internet" and "Blogging" suck most of my times for other activities into its swirling black hole. Since then the pile of newspapers that awaits my loving caress has grown as high as my knee. I'll still flit on the headlines to update myself daily, I just don't dwell on it too long unless it's a major news break.

There is one good thing about this kind of newspaper reading habit though - I get to be reminded on how current events were started, what happened then and how they turn out over times.

So I'll start a series of posts under the category of "Back Then And Now" on events that I find interesting in comparing what happened back then and how it has evolved into their current status.

Let me start on the sport news.

Back in 22nd December of last year, a certain footballer in his 30's was reported as "embarrassing" his introduction to his new team during a match. Phrases like "the fans did not bother to turn up", "lukewarm applause", "turned up the music on the loudspeakers to drown out the near-deafening silence" were written to describe the scene of his entry. The end of a glittering football career? No.

Not when the football player is Mr David Beckham.

Back then: David is beck with a whimper

But being a great athlete that he is, he has proven over his careers in England national team and in Real Madrid that this is hardly the things that bother him. His never-say-die attitude has served him well. That's why he is the great player that has the admiration from the world over.

And now (or recently): Milan keen to extend Beck's loan period (and had since gotten it extended).

What a turnaround! But coming from David Beckham, that's hardly surprising.


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