Friday, June 12, 2009

Not Today!!

He gave a sigh of relief as he pulled up his zip behind the tree. Just as he's about to turn and return to the camping site, he froze. The urge to pee again came rushing back into his system. His pupils dilated to the max, his hairs were standing straight up, every strand of them. Luckily, amid his panic, he was still able to think. He moved slowly, just as slow as the big cat was approaching him.

Gosh, it's the first time he saw a tiger without a cage in sight. The size of the cat was enough to make him pee in panic, and the fact that it was walking towards him could have easily made him do more.than just pee.

But he knew he hadn't had time to do neither.

He started walking, as did the tiger. He then walked faster, as did the tiger. He began to run, as did the tiger.

Knowing it would be dangerous to run back to the camp site, he headed towards the river 30 feet from him. He was thankful that he's still able to think coolly in a life threatening situation like this.

He knew he wouldn't be able to outrun the big cat. He chose the shortest direct route possible, splitting tall grasses and jumping over rocks.

Finally, just as the tiger was 8 feet behind him, he leaped with all his might as far into the river as possible.

As he was hanging in the air, he gave out a shout, "Not today, you furry bastard!!"

When he dived into the water, he felt the vibration of another splash behind him.

As he turned towards the source of the vibration in the water - "F**k!!"


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