Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson Dies

King Of Pop

Stays Forever

Michael Jackson Dies Aged 50

His Music Lives On!



Sandy said...

Did he cure cancer, fund a school? Is he responsible for World Peace? No, no, and NO. What lives on is his depth to the IRS, the memory the children he molested have to endure.

Buzzing J said...

No. He didn't cure cancer, fund a school, and was not responsible for World Peace.

I guess people are paying tribute because his musical talents touched their lives in a positive way at some points in their lives, not because of his plastic surgeries, eccentric behaviours, or alleged child-molestation charges.

And the charges remains an allegation. Whether he's truly guilty or not, I guess now he'll be judged by a higher authority now.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Much appreciated.