Monday, June 22, 2009

4 in 1

No. It's not a new kind of instant coffee.


You're blog-hopping via Blogexplosion, earning credit to get traffic to your blog. Traffic is good - more readers.

One down!

As the page loads, the title catches your eyes. You read the first paragraph, then the second, third ... Boy, what a good read. That's a nice blog! Another blog added to your favourite to enhance your pleasure in future online activities. That's good.

Two down!!

After you've finished the post, you scroll around the blog, and you notice this -

Adgitize your web site.

Yipee! You yell out in delight. Happily you click on one of the ad. There - money earned.

Three down!!!

Finished? Common sense tell you otherwise. 9 out of 10, if there's one Adgitize button smacked in the blog, the Entrecard button should be somewhere around too.


Your targeted click for Entrecard down by one.

Four down!!!!

Now, that's four birds in one shot.




kruel74 said...

You got it dead on, it is usually like that

lina said...

how very true. I love the combination. Makes dropping much easier. :)