Sunday, July 5, 2009

Walk With Me

I think you would call her a friend. Definitely.

She would be there when I couldn't sleep at night. When millions of thoughts were circling in my mind, chasing me away from the kingdom of sleep, she would be there to lead me to the restful path.

She would be there when I felt sad and down. When I felt lost in emotions that were dragging me deeper into a black hole, she would be there to lend me a hand and help me swim above the surface.

She would be there when I was too happy for words. When I felt I couldn't sit still and hold in the bubbling emotions, she would be there to dance with me, letting out all the exuberance within me.

She would be there when I didn't think I could continue another second with all the noises around me. When I felt like shouting out at the top of my lung to vent my frustration, she would be there to soothe me, calm me and make it enjoyable for me.

Yes. she was there for me.

What do you say to someone who went through all these with you on her birthday when she is no longer by your side.

Well, she could be a he - depending on the partner it has at that moment - a cassette tape.

Happy Birthday, my dear friend, my Walkman. How would I ever spend my adolescent days without you?


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