Monday, February 23, 2009

Dragon Ball Evolution

Dragon Ball Evolution is


Dragon Ball.

Dragon Ball is my favourite comic. It is the last manga that I truly enjoy. After more than a decade, it still is. But that's probably because I grew up, and grew out of manga series. I did try to get back into mangas, but after Dragon Ball, none looks appealing.

When I first learned that Dragon Ball is going to be presented in a movie, I was skeptical about how the movie would carry the storyline, the fight scenes, the air cannons, the comical facial expression, the humour, and, of course, Goku's hair!

I didn't watch the trailer until I learned about its imminent theatrical release. After watching the trailer, I'm skeptical still. Dragon Ball Evolution is NO Dragon Ball.

From the trailer, it seems that the fight scenes are nowhere as fast and furious as the comic, and the humour seems non-existent, and Goku's hair ... though this was probably no fault of the movie makers. The best hairstylist probably can't make that multi-direction-pointed hairstyle look realistic. With CGI, the explosive air canon, the earthly damages and the capsule-vehicles look good.

Having said that, to enjoy the movie, if you're a Dragon Ball fan, it will be best to detach oneself completely from the comics.

Following is the official theatrical trailer:

Title: Dragon Ball Evolution

Director: James Wong

Release Date: March (Singapore / Malaysia(?))

Actors: Justin Chatwin (Goku), Joon Park (Yamcha), Jamie Chung (Chi Chi), James Marsters (Lord Piccolo), Emmy Rossum (Bulma), and Chow Yun Fat (Master Roshi)

Synopsis: Goku fights with evil Lord Piccolo in the race to gather all seven Dragon Balls, with the help of Master Roshi and other characters.


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