Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Beatboxing Flute

To play a flute, you need a pair of lips and a lung that can blow out breathes in variable length. You would require the same set of instrument plus your tongue, voice, and more if you want to beatbox. But to do it at the same time?

I came across the following YouTube video while blog-hopping. To heighten your amazement, click play at the following clip and close your eyes, or switch to another screen to firstly listen to the music. Then watch the replay to be amazed.

If you can't get enough of this amazing piece of music, don't worry. Apparently this guy have a few songs in his repertoire. And he's not the only one! But, by looking at the dates, it does seem that he's the first to come up with this amazing technique. Search "beatboxing flute" at YouTube, and enjoy.

Warning: DO NOT get too close to the screen. Beware of flying spits!


1 comment:

maRCus said...

wawawiwuu!!! that was outta this world!! woohoo!!

the talent people have these days... makes u go 0.o :-)