Sunday, May 1, 2011

Folding T-Shirt and Engineer

I don't think the video is meant to be funny. But I did have a hearty laugh at the end of it. Not really sure why though.

Perhaps it's the bouncy music that made me keep expecting a man with a funny hat and a cute moustache in black and white to pop into the video and show me how to fold a t-shirt; or the seriousness of the video in showing the exact measurement of each component of the contraption, and the diagram too; or the slap on my forehead upon the realisation at the end of the video of why on earth didn't I think of that. Not sure.

But I'm quite sure if I saw the genius behind this brilliant idea smiling smugly at the end of the video, I would die laughing. Don't know why, but I would.



Ann said...

Well I have to admit that is a very cool way of folding a tshirt

Buzzing J said...

Yes, it is. But I've seen a better technique here, without any sort of contraption: